S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


The last few days have had their share of minor hiccups. The phone hardware still isn't functional at the house. I only realized after I'd written the quiz (but with time left to rewrite it) that it covered material I'd forgotten to make available to my students. I've failed to do any packing this week, although I did finish off end-of-semester grading and have written most of a conference paper. In looking for email addresses of people not in my addressbook, I found a misplaced minor editing job in an email which was months overdue.

But that misplaced editing job turned out to also be a thrill: reading through it, I was amazed at how eloquent and articulate I was when I wrote it. Perspective often shows me the weaknesses in my writing; but sometimes, it shows me that work is far better than I'd thought it was. That's encouraging.
Tags: the craft of writing

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