S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Exotic junk food and theater trips

The delightful song "Jesus at Tim's" just came up on random music shuffle, reminding me of the most unexpected thing I've seen in London in a long time.

Last week, en route to see The Thirty-Nine Steps with the second time, this time with C., we were, of course, walking along the street near Piccadilly Circus. And what to my wondering eyes did appear but an ad for Tim Horton's! The sign outside advertised coffee and doughnuts. Inside, samosas and Pringles caught my eye at first. Then, looking higher, I saw the rows of Tim Horton's coffee cups and doughnut boxes. It's a multi-purpose shop, not a dedicated outlet, but still - the first time I've seen the brand on this side of the ocean.

En route to Marguerite, I was equally astonished to see a Cinnabon under construction in the Tracadero. MM tells me they used to be around, but this is the first she's seen in years.

Last night, en route to see The Thirty-Nine Steps for the third time (by accident - it was a birthday party with a play, tickets to be bought by birthday girl half-price the same day), the Canadians with me appreciated the unexpectedness of Tim Horton's. I don't know how the new Tim Horton's outlet is, but I can assure you that - fortunately! - The Thirty-Nine Steps stands up to repeated viewing, and I had a different favorite scene every time.

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