S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


I had a wonderfully civilized move yesterday.
  • The weather was lovely in the midst of a rainy week.

  • The movers called early to say they were stuck in traffic, but still arrived on time.

  • The movers were diligent, hard-working, friendly, and a delight to work with. They even took apart and reassembled on site the large and ungainly wardrobe.

  • ewtikins and a_d_medievalist helped out by making sure the house was unlocked and mover-ready when I needed to still be back at the flat. This is the nicest way to impose on friends for a move: all I needed of them was their physical presence.

  • The movers finished in time for a_d_medievalist and I to go out for a leisurely pub lunch.

  • easterbunny was invaluable: she took me shopping, told me what to pack, and fed us dinner. ebonyrae did all the heavy lifting. C. came home in time for dinner and a run of more stuff to the house.

  • We still have a couple of days available to clean before we lose the flat.

The Triumph of Craft over Science: C. and I had carefully measured the narrowest point on the comfy chair and doorframe to the house. The chair was 3 cm wider than the doorframe to the house. We made arrangements to move the chair over the neighbor's fence. The movers brought it into the house and asked where I wanted it. I wasn't even watching at the time to see how they did it.
Tags: moving experiences
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