S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Sights of London

All in the same day -

A picnic in Regent's Park: Lovely, vividly-colored roses, bowing down to our picnic, uncoordinated, but successful. One person brought a blanket, another plateware and cutlery, a few of us brought food, all different, but collectively sufficient, and the weather was lovely, pleasantly warm with clear blue skies.

A walk along the Thames, from Embankment to Westminster: Overcast, dripping skies, looming clouds. We made a quick circuit by Westminster Abbey while we were there, slowed by the crowds and traffic lights.

A touristic cruise with commentary, from Westminster to Greenwich: No rain, dramatic clouds to set off our touristic photos of riverside landmarks. I quietly heckled the guide's oversights to justinsomnia (whose idea the cruise was in the first place), but learned far more than I disparaged. I looking wistfully at the tops of the building I so recently moved out of as we sailed past. We sailed by Canary Wharf, and the guide entirely failed to point out anything on that side of the river. Indeed, he implied it wasn't historical or interesting at all. I disagree.

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel: I'd not walked under the Thames before. A spiral of steps leads down to a long, straight, white-tiled, well-used foot tunnel, leading from the scaffold-and-plastic shrouded Cutty Sark to Island Gardens. We took photos there too, where my second memory card was finally exhausted. I still (temporarily) have no where to empty it too.
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