S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Fire pit

Mail-ordering is funny. So many companies offer free shipping when purchases cost more than 15-20 pounds that it's easier to mail-order appliances and have free shipping bring them to our doorstep than to go forth and buy them outside the house. That's how it happened that a fire pit was delivered to the door yesterday morning.

It's one that caught my fancy at this year's Taste of London, a spacious, shiny basin with elegant stand for charcoal or wood, freestanding, with optional extras like side tables and a cover. The visuals are what caught my eye and, for all he effectively made the sale, that salesman there wasn't the one to get the money for it; that went to an online company offering free shipping.

The fire pit doubles as a grill; we figured it would be rather inefficient compared to a made-for-purpose grill, but we were wrong: the shine of stainless steel helped focus the heat upwards, and the sausages cooked efficiently. Indeed, the grill is so large, party grilling is easily immaginable on it. Afterwards we threw on dried-out woody scraps of garden waste, standing around the pit for evening warmth since the ever-efficient stainless steel meant sitting on the ground around it was rather cooler than not. The stars came out, and we caught up with larkvi on his passing visit through, coals glowing, evening hushed around us.
Tags: kitchen

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