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Unpacking books

Today, I am unpacking the wrong books. I'm unpacking whatever happens to be in these boxes and putting them on shelves: guide books, food books, cookbooks, science fiction, fantasy, other fiction, grammar books. There's space for some of them here in the office, but not nearly as many as I'm unpacking. My work books - I finally realized - aren't even in this room right now, so no matter how many of these boxes I unpack, I will not find them. Eventually, however, the shelves will be mostly full, and then I'll need to clear them away again for the books which need to be here, work books, in this room, on these shelves.



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Jul. 28th, 2008 05:17 pm (UTC)
Do you think the movers (in saying "Readers!") were objecting to the weight, or to something else? I find packing books to be one of the easiest packing tasks because of their size and relative sturdiness. But the resulting boxes are both numerous and heavy--I usually end up with great biceps after a while of packing and unpacking and reorganizing book-boxes.
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