S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Story ghosts

Via rymenhild, the Steampunk Random Story Generator

The story is about the edge between civilization and the unknown. Romance blossoms between a cowboy and a boyish type, while difficulties they encounter include hookahs and the backstage of a play and someone who is motivated by the lust for power.

A team of adventurers consisting of a soldier, a tall man, a deceptively skinny man, a woman with a knife, and a lady mechanic discover concern and a keen appreciation of hard work and craftsmanship in a secret base beneath the polar ice cap.

The villain of this piece is a person with metal wings, while the hero is an officer in Her Majesty's armed service. The plot begins with doing the wrong or evil thing in order to ensure the greater good in a shopping arcade. The ending includes elements of a fan used as a weapon and abduction.

The story is about two people who can only trust each other. Romance blossoms between a charming sidekick and someone with command presence, while difficulties they encounter include inept crooks and military squadrons.

My favorite so far:

Your story begins with a sidekick in an imperial culture. The villain is a subject of Her Majesty who also has a mechanical limb. Plot elements include deprivation and decorum.
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