S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Novel experiences

Novel experience: Losing computer equipment in the flower beds.

I wasn't really sure where in the house or garden I'd lost the plastic, interchangeable mouse cover, but found it later in the day underneath green leaves. Today, it occurs to me that rain will be a hazard in my "commute" now too. I need to start using a computer bag: that should help with the dangers of both rain and dropping computer parts in flower beds.

Another novel experience: Being "the American".

A few days ago, I ordered the television from a local appliance shop. The shop guy was obviously struck by my accent. Right off, he was worried I'd want to pay by Amex, which the machine couldn't handle. Today I called to find out if my order had arrived, as scheduled. The guy at the other end of the phone said it had, with great confidence, without asking for my name or what I'd ordered. Either it was the same shop guy, or someone too lazy to check. When I arrived to collect it, the shop guy already had the correct form out for me to sign. He'd known exactly who I was over the phone. C. observed that it's possible I'm the only American in town. I'm used to being "the redhead", not "the American"!

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