S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Fridge ahoy!

We have finally ordered a refridgerator, and it is due to arrive on Wednesday!

Our quest for a fridge was not quite epic, but rather more prolonged than it might have been due to C.'s diligent gadget-oriented research compulsions, combined with his very limited non-work schedule and my enabling. We started at John Lewis, diverged off to the Miele Experience Centre near Oxford, had an enduring tangent made possible by an ad in Olive magazine, veered back by way of Comet and Curry's (but not Donner or Blitzen), and finally ordered it online last night. All of this took several weeks.

Along the way, I learned that John Lewis rebrands AEG fridges and that Miele rebrands Liebherr fridges. Now you know how to buy cheaper versions of each.

The Miele Experience Centre is wonderful and informative and they don't actually sell anything directly, so they're all information with very little sales pitch. Alas, they only have the latest models which, this time of year, mostly means models which won't be available to purchase until October. I wasn't interested in waiting quite that long for a fridge.

It's been an ongoing source of hilarity to me that we don't have a fridge. All easily spoilable food must be bought within a few hours of eating it. (Thank goodness for grapes and tomatoes.) C. and I must coordinate our meals more actively than usually, since there's nowhere to store unused leftovers. There was little point buying a cooler, since then we'd be constantly buying ice as well. Most reactions to this situation have been exceedingly English: horror at having nowhere to keep milk for tea. Fortunately, C. takes his coffee black and I don't drink black tea, with or without milk.

Lack of cold also means a degeneration in my drinks. I usually drink cold water and lovely juices in a given day. These days, fridgeless, I drink canned and boxed drinks, Appletiser and boxed pineapple juice and ginger beer. The average sugar quotient is higher and the vitamin doses lower. Pineapple juice suffers least from being boxed, I think, of all the juices.

The fridge comes Wednesday. A day to settle the coolant. A day to get it cold. By Friday, we can buy food for more than one meal at a time.
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