S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Tasting notes

Last night, I dreamed I stopped by a chocolate shop. They were very busy - lots of small individual tables with a single chair by each, like a classroom, but with café style. What made them so busy, however, was not only that they did table service, but that they provided a few samplers to everyone who came in. darktouch, who had recently started working there, brought me an impressive pile of samples, seven or so. I remember thinking that it was a small box's worth of truffles, and that I really hoped I liked them since I felt so obliged to purchase some now, with such a glut of generosity. He was busy, so didn't even pause long enough for me to thank him for it all.

So I tried them. The chili dark chocolate truffle was smooth, with flecks of sweet, gentle fire to it and a touch of cinnamon. Green tea white chocolate was a little too sweet, although the faint bitterness of the tea mostly cut through the sweetness of the white chocolate. The jasmine dark chocolate truffle had the depth, richness, and complication of jasmine tea rather than the delicate sweetness of jasmine flowers. A cinnamon milk chocolate truffle was brimful of piquancy, smooth, intense, robust spiciness which was rounded out with hints of clove.

Now if only I knew where the shop was located....
Tags: chocolate

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