S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Library observations

I went to get my new public library card today at my new local library. Decadently and civilizedly, the local public library is within easy walking distance.

  • Essex libraries do not require proof of ID or proof of address in order to get a library card. (They do require proof of ID in case of a lost card, however.)

  • The works of Geoff Ryman and Jasper Fforde were filed under "Modern Fiction", not Science Fiction or Fantasy.

  • They've a large section labeled "Sagas", larger than any genre fiction section, but smaller than "Modern Fiction". I didn't recognize a single author in the section on superficial viewing. If it was just a synonym for "Series", I would have thought a superficial scan would have be recognizing more of them.

  • I had no problem at all finding out where the library was, since it's not called an "Idea Store".
Tags: books, libraries
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