S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

La Machine, Part 1

I think this is the largest event I've ever been to in which nothing happened.

Tens of thousands of people had gathered to see the second-to-last scheduled event in La Machine's weekend-long performance. I'd structured my day around seeing it. Fortunately, I had also structured my day around the evening parade, which will still happen. From second-hand murmur, it sounds as if La Machine had cancelled the afternoon event without updating the media effectively-enough about it - or, indeed, their own website, as of Friday. (It has been updated since.)

Gathered crowds

More crowds, on the steps of St. George's Hall

They came to see a giant mechanical spider.

Liverpool Lime St.

As a non-event, it was still pretty spectacular, and the weather finally cleared up and was beautifully sunny for it.
Tags: travelogue

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