S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


For once, I'm feeling as if I'm accomplishing what I need to. It helped that I started off the day with a full set of exercises, and that last night Cat asked if I wanted to work on Latin once a week with her - not only will it provide some structure to my weeks, but it'll be social, and it'll keep me from completely sliding with Latin until fall.

I've had my first weblog citation - not of my weblog, of an email, thanks to Ideofact, he of the interesting history of medieval tech discussions. I don't want to overdue it, but I often do feel compulsive about ensuring an adequate understanding of the Medieval world view (to the extent I know anything about it) is communicated - and Flat Earthers are few and far between in those days.

Goals today: Edit at least 10 more pages of paper.
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