S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Heart and Soul Restaurant

Location: 62 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, downhill from the Catholic cathedral, uphill from the Adelphi

It's an innocuous Georgian townhouse in a quiet stretch of Mount Pleasant Road, not too far up from the Adelphi hotel. The chalkboards outside advertise that, up the steps, is a restaurant. austengirl recommended Heart and Soul for groups, and a group we had, the BSHS Strolling Players and I. In a comfortably large room tastefully done up in neutrals and enlivened with artwork, the eight of us gathered along a spacious table to eat.

The menu presented all sorts of good choices, from the pizzas and pastas made in-house to a variety of interesting mains tied up in two- and three-course bargains. Even the pizzas and pastas were, with the dish plus a glass of house wine coming in at UKP 7.50. The appetizers were appealing, but desserts were even more so, so we agreed to hold out for them. I resisted the blue cheese and parma ham pizza, and instead had my third risotto of the week, wild mushroom and madeira. It was wonderful, rich, sumptuous, but not overpowering.

Let me tell you something important: I really like sticky toffee pudding, but most of them dissapoint me. At Heart and Soul, I ate the second-best sticky toffee pudding of my life. It was full flavored, with light cake unctuously suffused in lovely toffee sauce, dense without being too sweet. It was a pleasant. So too was the bite of J's grapefruit and campari sorbet, the tart cutting refreshingly through the sweet of mine. L's cherry ice cream was understated and confident and creamy.

Heart and Soul is lovely, accessible, reasonably priced, comfortable, and offers very nice food indeed. You should try it too.

P.S. The woman working front of house says that, for the sake of all Liverpool, currently lacking an independent one, austengirl needs to open her own bakery. Well?
Tags: eating in liverpool, food, restaurants

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