S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


I finally found the misplaced bag of pegs necessary to finish putting the shelves on the bookcases. This enabled a happy hour of roughly sorting books into genres and onto the right cases. (Alphabetical order comes later.) I was finished long before I thought i would be, because - somewhat shockingly - I have enough bookshelves.

Well, I would have enough bookshelves if I didn't have a lot of still-packed boxes of paper which will also be going on the shelves. And it's just as well I have so many books left in the U.S. - with them, I would have no where near enough bookshelves. Also, the CDs and DVDs don't have a home yet, but they're not going on these shelves either. Temporarily - and with many caveats - I am in the surreal and wonderful situation of having enough bookshelves.
Tags: house
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