S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Some of the coldest moments of my life have been in England. In the places I grew up and in Canada, I expect it to be cold outside in the winter, and so I bundle up appropriately. Indoors tends to be well-heated, at least eventually. In England, underheated and underinsulated libraries, in winter, are icy cold. Not moving because reading, I'm far colder than when I'm moving.

Working in my office lately, with a sharp chill in the air outside, has been a lot like that. I'm wearing the fingerless gloves that saffronjan knit for me and huddling up with the warm computer. Fortunately, it should all start to improve tomorrow. I've picked out curtain fabric, a major prerequisite towards achiveing office curtains. And, best and most immediately of all, the electric heater should arrive in the morning.
Tags: house
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