S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

The pop song problem

I was beginning a new book, reading its very first page. Characters in Marissa Doyle's Bewitching Season - Sorcery and Cecelia written post-Harry Potter - use Latin spells to perform magic. On its very first page, one character commands "Repellere statim!" And my brain is back out of the book as Spice Girls lyrics prance through my mind.

I have this problem occasionally. "Fiat" - car brand, verb, whatever - has been reliably putting The Beatles into my head. "Quo vadis?" takes me straight to Peter Sarstedt (although until I looked it up just now, I couldn't've told you who wrote or sang the song).

Fortunately, Doyle doesn't provide the spellwords for most of the rest of the spells used in the book, so I finished it without any further earworms.
Tags: latin, music
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