S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Immigration issues

Saw mention of Rekha Basu's column on immigration problems for young couple, thanks to David Hogbert's discussion of it. Immigration is an awkward thing at the best of time, let alone when a law has been broken along the way.

Still, it does remind me of the larger issue - you would think by now that countries would have figured out that people lead complicated, international lives and that's a normal thing these day. It'll be interest to see what happens with Italy's changing immigration laws... If Italy's passes, then, according to the BBC's article on the subject from June 4th,
"non-EU foreigners will only be able to live in the country if they have arranged work before entering, and they will receive a residency permit only for the duration of their employment contracts - up to a maximum of two years.

The bill also makes family reunions more difficult - immigrants will only be allowed to bring their children to join them if they are under 18.

The government, which has frequently linked immigration with crime, will make foreigners provide fingerprints for identification purposes, while those immigrants who return to the country after being expelled will be treated as if they have committed a crime."

And just because the lower house overwhelmingly approved the bill hardly means Italy is of one mind on this issue. Take, for example, this article from La Reppublica. And it is, after all, accused (quite rightly) of being a racist, xenophobic law.

The Corriere della Sera discusses fingerprinting immigrants, as well as Italians.

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