S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


I'm going home soon. There's not really all that much I need to do to prepare to go and be in my very own house with my family, but I always feel better about trips if I have plenty of clean laundry. Oddly, this is true even if I have enough laundry for the trip. It's good to know I have plenty to wear when I return from the trip too, just in case I catch a cold en route and want to stay home and do nothing for several days after I return. I don't generally feel the need to pack in advance. As long as there's plenty of clean clothing, my trips generally work out just fine.

It doesn't look as if this is likely to be a productive working week. If I'm lucky and/or plan well, I'll sit down and do some writing - summary essays of where I am so far - but between work, meetings, travel, friends, and food to be eaten, I don't think much will happen. On the bright side, to counterbalance this, I'll have an entire week and a half in mid-December with no classes - and lots of time to do real work!

Some of today's browsing highlights....
Here's a new toy - if you're interested in browsing for new weblogs to read, here's one way to do it. Give it the URL of your weblog or links page, and it'll keyword-calculate a variety of other weblogs out there you might be interested in.

There's an interesting article on Popular Science on MASSIVE, the software used in the LOTR movies to create the large battle sequences. It presents the gist of how the software works (lots of independent operators with fuzzy logic AI brains). Like so many other media articles, it's also very coy about the movie's plotline - I know, many people haven't read the books.

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