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Peppermint Beach

If you haven't already guessed what color Peppermint Beach is (and haven't already looked it up), do that first. The post to respond to is here.

When I posted the Peppermint Beach question, in part at the instigation of my Tuesday night dinner companions, C., rozallin, nou, and rjw1, I did so because we all thought the paint name was ambiguous. I had no idea that my informal poll would unearth such interesting information about the trans-Atlantic divide between assumptions of what color peppermint is.

Most, but not all, American and Canadian respondents associated peppermint with peppermint candies and peppermint striping, red-and-white stripes, as on a candy cane.

Most, but not all, people from the UK thought of the peppermint plant, a shade of green.

C. thinks of peppermint as light blue, thanks to light blue flecks in peppermint-flavored Polos. noncalorsedumor further observed that peppermint-flavored ice cream can go either way too: sometimes it's pink-colored, sometimes it's green. I would think - but do not know - that there is some degree of country divide in what color of peppermint ice cream can be gotten where.

Gold stars to seph_hazard and crustycurmudgeo for answering in RGB.

I also really liked diglett's answer, since she provided an illustrative icon to go with it.

On Tuesday morning, the contractor arrived with a decorator to help him paint that day. I'd already chosen the wall paint color. "What color would you like the door?" I had no idea. It had never crossed my mind that it was a decision that needed making, although in retrospect, of course it did. The slightly chipped yellow paint needed to be redone in some color.

I didn't want to broaden the kitchen color scheme by much since there's already going to be a little too much happening (pale green cabinets, off-white countertop, stainless steel, black, and white in appliances). So based on color swatches, I picked out Peppermint Beach 4. It looks like this, according to Dulux.

Paint in reality, of course, never really matches the swatch. This is why we're intending to get sample pots for the cabinet paint. The door now looks something like this, more vibrant and more pastel than I was expecting. But that's okay.

Sorry about the flash glare, but the photo gives a better sense of what the color's usually like.

So do your research. Use testers. Fortunately, we can live with this color.
Tags: food, kitchen, language, two sides of one ocean
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