S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


I filled out a survey yesterday for the university which employs me, an anonymous survey, approved by the appropriate research oversight committee. I was doing okay with the question wording until I came to a question about breakfast. It asked "How many times per week do you eat breakfast? (A roll and coffee does not count.)"

If a roll and coffee doesn't count as breakfast, what does? Not a breakfast bar or a stack of buttered pancakes or a doughnut surely, since those are about as substantial and varied as eating a roll. Does a bagel and cream cheese count? Cereal and milk? A piece of fruit? Fruit salad? Does it have to be a full fry-up? Would two rolls count? Would orange juice instead of coffee make it count as breakfast?

Breakfast: Today, I have no idea it is or how often I eat it.
Tags: food
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