S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Cabinets, Day 1

It's as if someone took a blank piece of paper and pencil and sketched in a kitchen. The space is defined in gestures, precise lines and details here, rough indications there.

7:55 am - The cabinet delivery guys arrived early, with lots of cabinets and spare parts.
9:15 am - The fitter arrives. We have already figured out that one of the cabinets is too large and not exactly what we ordered. It will not fit. We call the cabinet people. The replacement cabinet will come on Tuesday. This complicates things.
10:00 am - The fitter wonders if the contractor will (later) redo the plumbing. They obviously have different ideas of where pipes should go with respect to cabinets.
2 pm - I gain newfound respect for a local pub. The fitter has ordered his lunch from them and came back to wait 10 minutes until it was ready and he needed to go back to fetch it. The doorbell rings. The pub has - unsolicited - brought him his lunch. Talk about service!
5:30 pm - The sink is installed (but not plumbed in) and all the cabinets that can be are in place. Nothing else can realistically be done until the wrong cabinet is replaced. We were told handles wouldn't be needed until the last day; ours arrive on Monday so he can't even install some of those while waiting for the cabinet to show. The fitter gets a three day weekend, and we get a day's delay to our kitchen.
7:00 pm - It's challenging doing dishes in the bathroom sink. I can fit in two mugs at once at most.
Tags: kitchen

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