S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Thanksgiving Dinner (Take 2)

I've been living on wondeful leftovers for the past several days. My mother in particular was looking forward to leftovers. We haven't done Thanksgiving at home in a few years, and she spent much of Thursday cooking, so Friday and Saturday were prime moments for her especially to enjoy the food. To be fair, she had help. My grandmother did the sweet potatoes. My sister did the vegetarian stuffing. I mostly polished things and helped set the table. That kind of thing. My father acquired the pies. C. made mashed potatoes... but he made it for a different Thanksgiving meal entirely since he didn't come on the trip. We all did something, and that's the way it should be.

It was good to be home. I have so much more sunlight at home, and the sky obliged me by being clear and blue at least half of the time I was home. The wind was tremendous, and pushed all the enormous quantity of oak leaves in the driveway up to barricade the doorway on Saturday, quite tidily cleaned up from the rest of it! One evening I stayed home and played scrabble while the house creaked. Everyone else went to see the second Harry Potter movie. I might see it again, but it's only been 2 weeks since my first viewing of it, and I'd rather wait a little longer first.

Other highlights: My grandmother and I collaborated and completed a (weekday) New York Times crossword together. I finished Sheri Tepper's The Fresco. I was pleased to find that the complete turn of events didn't happen anywhere I expected it to. Tepper reliably has a surprise turn of events in all her books which completely changes my understanding of what's come before that point in the book. That said, all her books are still dramatically different from each other, full of good and inspired ideas about fictional alternatives to our world, or a fictional spin to our very near future. I even did a little bit of real work, taking notes and a few references from the collection of material my mother had which was thesis-relevant. She's worked on the history of printing before, which has some overlap with what I'm doing.

I'm back up north again now, and there's only one week of classes left before I'll have a week and a half of real amounts of time to do real work!

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