S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


Do you remember the bees eating Lichfield Cathedral? Well, parakeets are destroying the Shirley Windmill in Croydon.

C. and I visited the Finchingfield windmill back in September, on a lovely, clear day. It's been under restoration for 20 years. Perhaps within the next 20, it will be operational again.

The main support of a post mill.

After chocolate tea, easterbunny, prime mover behind the London Streetsigns project, led a small expedition to Mill Street in Mayfair. The road was well labeled - there are at least two street signs visible to various degrees in this photo.

On Mill Street, there is a pub, The Windmill. Nighttime was not the best time to take crisp photos of it.
Tags: windmills
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