S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
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Televisual news

Reading this morning's obituary's for Oliver Postgate, the truth seemed strange indeed. T.V. series like "Noggin the Nog", "The Clangers", and "Pogle's Wood" seem like the names of series you'd make up if you had to make up a list of children's t.v. series; yet they were each lovingly-crafted shows. Now too, I finally know where major_clanger's username came from.

I've never seen any of them. This is generally true of me and children's television shows, but in this case, I also grew up in the wrong country to have stood a chance at encountering them. I'll be able to see the memorials, though, thanks to the towering new aerial on our roof. The installer used the scaffolding and installed it on the chimney that's externally half ours, internally not-at-all, and entirely rebuilt as of last week. I'm hoping no more work needed to be done on it. That our neighbor had a new antenna installed himself yesterday bodes well for this. The residual scaffolding made the installation job particularly straightforward.

In other televisual news, I'm sure you'll all find it gripping to know that Eurovision is going to yet another voting model for next year: half juried, half popular vote.
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