S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


austengirl reminds me that any lexicon of English Christmas needs to include "baubles" - the subclass of ornaments comprised of shiny spheres.

My middle America weather report of the past twenty-four hours comes from two places:
A wonderfully-concerned person from whom I'd mail-ordered some nuts and was desperately hoping they could be delivered somewhere where she could be sure they wouldn't be left out in the cold. - " When it gets terrible cold, we want to be sure the nuts don't freeze."
And from my American employers, who postponed final exams on Monday night/Tuesday morning to Wednesday. I feel so sorry for those having to grade those delayed exams, as grades are still due Thursday at noon.

From A Diamond in Sunlight, a story from when we were younger.
Tags: two sides of one ocean, venice, weather

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