S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

An Excess of Craft

This is the third year in a row that Cat and I have gone to the One of a Kind Show, an enormously huge and exhausting art and craft fair held twice a year in Toronto - the Christmas one is more monumental than the summer one I hear, no surprise. There are hundreds and hundreds of booths. This year we made it through the whole thing fairly expediently, in a mere 5 hours, with very little tarrying along the way. It's big.

However, it's also productive, and the goods tend to be of high quality with lots of nifty things. I keep going back since there are always plenty of things worth buying, and some of my favorite Toronto acquisitions have been from the show. It's also a good place to buy gifts, especially this time of year, although this year I bought more for me than anyone else. Partially this was because there were a few objects I've been thinking about for the past 2 years and finally acquired, including a weight-driven 14th century-style wooden clock, and an astrolabe necklace. I have an absolutely beautiful new pseudo-medieval oufit in purple and cream from the show as well. And I found perfect egg cups. I've been idly thinking I could use egg cups for a few months, since I've twice had to improvise them. (If you ever need to, I used screw-on bottle caps in the bottom of espresso cups to balance them.)

The past few days have been an exhaustion of sociability, from the Centre's Christmas Party (C. came!), drinks and dinner afterwards, 5 hours of One of a Kind (Sara was along too), and then the Major street party in the evening, which was fun: it featured tasty eggnog and several engaging people I'd not met before, including one whose brother had a gaming company back in the '90s, so she'd played, but mostly as a family recruit. A few people made token appearances before being sucked back into work.

My major accomplishments of the weekend include reading and making a better timeline. The Clockwork Muse had a variety of useful ideas in it on writing and managing time while doing so. It inspired me to hash out a much-improved and more informative timeline than the one I'd composed a few months ago. It makes me realize I have been accomplishing work even though it doesn't entirely feel as if I have been. I like my timeline. I've also started reading Writing your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day, but haven't made it past the preliminary chapters on picking a committee and a dissertation topic: I have both of those already.

My week is decadently empty of external obligations.

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