S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

La Machine, Part 2

Back in September, I visited Liverpool. One of the many incentives for going was that I would see the giant spider, La Machine, "La Principesse", as she was named, a giant hydraulics-powered puppet. The first scheduled show I made it to was cancelled, although I took photos as that too. (See La Machine, Part 1.)

My second chance to catch her was for the grand finale, a substantial procession with instrumentalists in hydraulic lifts, waterworks, fireworks, and enormous crowds.

The spider sleeps and the crowd awaits. She won't wake up until sunset as it turns out.

The musicians arrive.

The sun has set, and the musicians approach, playing their instruments on high.

A harpist, on the move.

La Principesse approaches.

She delicately lifts her legs over smaller things, like lamp posts, with the help of her 12 puppeteers.

A water fight with a crane! Water was a theme throughout, as, on her walks, she occasionally blew out plumes of mist.

Fireworks went off from the roofs of all the buildings around us. It was spectcular, being surrounded by them. Afterwards, she disappeared into the tunnel under the Mersey, leaving only smoke behind.

Afterwards, walking back to the hotel, I passed these children in a first story window, playing with their mini-giant spider for the entertainment of passersby.

Today is the last day of Liverpool's state as European Capital of Culture.
Tags: travelogue
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