S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
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I'm an Iowa girl. I grew up with a heavy covering of snow each winter. England - at least when and where I've been here - has rarely had more than flakes. A centimeter is a heavy accumulation.

Last night was exciting - by the time i went to bed, a full inch of snow was on the ground. I took photos.

And this morning? Oh, it's glorious out! There's at least 4-5 inches of fluffy white beautiful snow out there. It's a REAL amount of snow!

Of course, as a result, there are several delays and cancellations on the Underground. i can't even get through to any of the mainline rail websites I've checked, although thanks to a FB update, I know that the trainline I need isn't currently running trains TO London, so would be unlikely to be running them away from London either. It's currently looking somewhat unlikely that I will be able to go to my Kent job. Today would be a beautiful day to be in Canterbury!

Edited to add: Thank you, BBC. I get through to the news, at least, which tells me
And all services are currently suspended until further notice on Southeastern Trains.
I also see that ALL London buses are currently suspended until further notice.
Tags: weather
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