S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


At first I was going to spend this post grumbling about meetings that aren't when I thought they were and the vagarities of credit card processing, but then I thought, no, surely food is a more interesting topic than either of those.

My departmental potluck went fairly well last night: good fruit salad, and some rather spicy main dishes. There was an unusually healthy selection of main courses by our normal standards, if few side dishes or appetizers. My mashed potatoes turned out just fine, but might have been more in demand if I had added some pleasing shade of food coloring to them to indicate they were something other than just absolutely plain mashed potatoes. The English mustard was certainly spicy enough, but blended in rather too effectively to provide coloring. Thanks to saffronjanand pittenweem for their assistance - or attempted assistance - in making my contribution to the event possible.

Yesterday I wore my new vest for the first time and sadly lost a button. I'm hoping the company will be able to tell me how to acquire a new one just like all the other very pretty ones.

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