S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Regency Oracle

Nine Things observed by Guests,
or, the Difficulties of Growing up an Oracle

"In the parlor, on the sofa,
dressed in white and pearls and fan;
quietly, now see her sitting,
like that since this fête began."

"Is she? Really? That one? Yonder?
How astounding, come and see -
elegant in posture, sitting,
wonder if she'll dance with me?"

"I truly hope not; see her eyes?
I rather think she's drugged, but - hush!
She complained last week of vapors.
Inner shame shows in her blush!"

"I am not entirely certain
she should be admitted there.
Hers is elegance and posture -
but - something makes me think - 'beware'."

"I have heard that she's insulting;
such ill-usage from her lips!
Yet, right here, she's hardly peeping.
SOMEthing did HER moon eclipse."

"Speak no ill of modest maidens,
quietly and dressed in white,
She's a pearl of the first water,
welcome despite all your spite."

"Yes, I told her to be quiet,
she has looks, but men take fright
when she tells them what to bid on,
makes them think it's second sight."

"How amusing! I must meet her,
introduce me, will you, please?
Even if she's a bluestocking,
I know you will set her at ease."

"Dearest, let me introduce you.
Someone whom you just must meet.
Mutely, darling, smile and curtsey,
Listen, please dear, be discreet."

Inspired by a pendant made by elisem entitled "Nine Things about Oracles", there has been a small epidemic of oracular poetry recently. oursin's related poem about the Sphinx and her questions was what indirectly inspired mine in particular: imagining the fruitless after-dinner attempts at conversation between an oracle and a sphinx.
Tags: poetry
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