S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Small progresses

Today, the house is clean. My papers are unsorted and messily in piles. The domain I needed to register this weekend isn't registered thanks to my intended company-of-choice being stupid about their credit card organization. Laundry has been washed in large amounts, and - finally! - I've put in the redirects from my old grendel website to the new one. I'm still happy to have the grendel resources available, but part of me is relieved that I'm no longer dependent upon the mercies of my undergraduate compsci department to have webpages.

The website move isn't quite complete - I still need to adapt my RP files to the new site. C. gave me a lovely, lovely new element to add to my list of Medievalists-with-Weblogs: a python sorting script/page generator! Thank you! It's not uploaded yet, but shall be soon. I know, I know, with only 15 or 20 names on the list, the sort is kind of excessive, but if I find many more medievalist weblogs, then perhaps it shall actually be of some use. Regardless, it's a nice toy to have.

My goal for this week is a modest amount of work and a substantial quantity of paper sorting.

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