S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Chelsea Flower Peas

Sweet peas

Eleven months ago, J. called up to say she had a spare ticket to the Chelsea Flower Show, and would I like to come along? I was delighted to! It was a touristic expedition to gorgeous sights and smells. We didn't yet own a house, so there wasn't much I felt I could buy. A small packet of sweetpea seeds were an exception. It's small, barely larger than a business card, but it contains such potential. It proved the only thing I would buy that day of a garden-like nature.

Today, the skies are blue, the temperatures clement, and I remembered the seed packet. The internet tells me that I am at the very end of sweetpea seed planting season, a season which lasts from September to April.

The seeds are now planted, in a newly-bared bed; it was sod only a few hours ago. I have high hopes of seeing richly-purple sweetpea flowers blossom in another six weeks. (The dark, dark ones in the middle-right of the photo. They're coded as "Navy Blue". It looks purple to me.)
Tags: garden, house

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