S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


We have dessert. Oh, do we have dessert.

Dessert Trends is a store I have often walked by, but it's never open. They're booked months in advance for wholesale cake-making, particularly for weddings cakes. I've read several outstandingly good reviews of their work, but since it's all by appointment only, I'd never tried any of it. Anyways, for three weeks this December, they're open for retail, and today I finally caught them open.

I went for Yule log, for dessert tonight, and ended up with a frangelico chocolate mousse one, plus a sampling of some of their other highlights to tide us through Wednesday as well, and to make up for lost time, happily all in single portion sizes: a mango cheesecake, an apple galette, a tiramisu in a chocolate cup, and two brioche. They said if I wanted any galettes, cheesecake, or the ilke in the future, even if only a few of them, I should just call for an appointment. it seems decadent to make an appointment to spend, say, five dollars.

Anyways. I have dessert.

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