S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Handy tip

When buying a large tub of ice cream, make sure your freezer is already turned on and working.

This is more of an unexpected challenge when in an apartment which hasn't been lived in for at least a month. The day was more good than troublesome though. I had a little too much sun, but to compensate, apricot juice, prosecco, and leisure. The sun was not only because of the gorgeous weather, but because I was Searching for tramezzini*, which took far longer to find they than ought to. Local snack options seem to be faddishly moving towards this grilled wrap, a "Rolled Pizza" thing, which is no tramezzini. No photos until we find a way to get them off of my camera: the second trip in a row on which I have forgotten the relevant cable.

* They're like overstuffed English afternoon tea sandwiches, triangular, white bread, no crusts, stuffed really full of contents such as prosciutto & egg; spicy vegetables; tuna and olives.
Tags: eating in venice, venice
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