S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Seven Years

When I logged in this morning, to my surprise, LJ had redecorated itself for me. How thoughtful of it to celebrate my anniversary of seven years of using LJ with a new theme! About fifteen seconds later, I thought to check the news and realized it was a coincidence, but it's still a good coincidence.

LiveJournal's been good to me over the years. When I first set this up, as a means of daily motivation for writing, little did I realize it would ever be a social medium. For the first few weeks, it wasn't. This is not unrelated to the fact that littleowl's eldest son turned seven (!) this month. I still don't know the LJ handle of the TooMUSH player who gave me my invite code!

Gradually, though, it snowballed. In years past, I used to list all the the blogs and LJs I followed and how they connected, but it's too much of a task these days. With relatives, historians of science and technology, MUSHers, science fiction and fantasy fans, and people I know from the three universities from which I've graduated (to sum up), it's a mechinism which enables my ongoing contact with large swathes of my life, and I love it the better for that.

Then, I was in Toronto, living in Canada, starting my dissertation, my audience was solely my immediate family, and Latvia was about to win Eurovision.
Today, I'm in Venice, living in England, been employed post-PhD for several years, my audience still includes my immediate family, and Norway won Eurovision last week. I'm reassured to see that some of my priorities haven't changed.

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