S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Odds and ends

The Fantasy Centre, London's Europe's only used fantasy/science fiction book store, is closing down in about 10 days. Saturday, June 13th will be the last day it's in business. Go while you still can.

There is now an O2 Centre in Berlin. This has already confused me: I received a Leonard Cohen concert invite (via Toronto's alumni association) for a concert at the O2 Centre. But not in London.

Editing Letter - the music video response to receiving them (via Lisa Shearin and her mailing list)

What is it with UK conferences I'm interested in and July? Two of them (BSHS and Leeds) are already usually back-to-back for me and a third I like is moving from September to mid-July as of next year. This means it will be highly likely that all three will be back-to-back with each other on a regular basis in the future. I'd much prefer them to be spaced out!
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