S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Voluntary postponement

I could have gone and seen TTT last night and didn't. It's just as well given how busy everyone was. We'll all go on Monday night instead. Why was I not made further impatient by this delay? Well, it's because I messed up my neck two days ago by taking naps at funny angles and it hurt to do much of anything with it. I think I injured a muscle. Today it's largely improved but I still don't feel as comfortable turning it as I should. Hopefully by tomorrow it'll be all better.

There's not a lot of daylight this far north. The sun's going down already and it's been raining lightly, hovering just on the high side of freezing. Tonight we're going to a party with C.'s extended family, to meet a newly refound cousin. The cousin's lived in the same city for the past 20 years and had no idea she had all this family here.

Meanwhile, I've been not finishing lots of crossword puzzles, but learned what 'haver' means in the process, and, of course, drinking a cup of tea every hour or two.

Thanks to theengineer for mentioning the delightful fact that the Paramount in Toronto was the highest grossing movie theater in North American on Wednesday. I still sort of wish I had been there to help up their proceeds... then I wouldn't still be waiting to see The Movie!

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