S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Thanksgiving, part 3

Merry Christmas! Or, as the Brits say, Happy Christmas!

Today was my third large holiday-related meal in as many months featuring turkey, cranberry sauce, potatoes, vegetables, and just large amounts of food in general. This time, however, highlights included roasted parsnips and a brandy-enflamed christmas pudding to finish. I'm still feeling most full although we're having turkey sandwiches fairly soon.

Christmas is a formal and an elegant meal for C.'s family. His mother makes everything, including truly beautiful Christmas crackers. Anything like the pudding or mince for mince pies was made months if not years in advance, in the case of the mince. They were duly impressed when some of their relatives said they were using vintage 1999 mince for their pies this year. Although really no one comes over, everyone dresses up in their most elegant best and makes a real event out of it.

Today it snowed neither at my family's home nor here. Here, in fact, it was raining off and on for much of the day, although happily there was a bit of sunshine in the morning. I wanted to go for a walk at one point, but it was pouring at that point, so I didn't. Consequently, I've not been out of the house all day.

Depending on where you are: Happy Boxing Day/Boxing Week/After Christmas Sales!
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