S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


My neck was much improved and I finally had a chance to see the Two Towers nearly a week after it had opened. And yes, yes I did enjoy it!

I only had one real objection to the changes made to the plotline - Hasty Ents? The rest worked for me. What a very pretty movie.

Eowyn was good but was notable for the amount of acting she was obliged to do with practically no lines to do it with.

Will there be a Pippin and palantir scene? The set up is so different now.

Legolas 'skateboarding' was quite amusing.

I only noticed it because I saw it in the exhibit, but I still really like Grima's necklace.

On a related tangent: today I received a one true ring melting in the fire of Mount Doom. I have my very own mini Mount Doom now.
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