S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Work & Food

It may be Sunday, we may have houseguests, but I really wanted to catch up on grading. Unfortunately, the server on which I teach was down. It's still down.

So I diligently finished off what I could of the work I owe the AVISTA Forum Journal, and then sent off all my elaborately-constructed emails to the editor, after several hours of work. They've all bounced. (I haven't had a problem sending her email before.)

If I wanted to interpret all this as a sign, it either means 1) I shouldn't be working today or 2) Why am I trying to do work for other people when I could be working on projects for myself? I have plenty of them.

Local farmer's market today: we came home with an elegant, delicate goat's cheese with nettle, nicely shattery shortbread, dark chocolate cookies, fidget pie, braising beef, and good apple juice. C.'s mother brought us her homemade lemon curd, strawberry jam, and redcurrant jelly. They brought down the contents of their fridge likely to go bad if abandoned for a week, so we have all their vegetables as well as the ones we bought when grocery shopping the day before. Also birthday cake for me (!) and fairy cakes (with lemon curd in them) for all. We might not go hungry this week.

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