S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen


We intended to open presents the night we returned, but we were too jet lagged and tired-worn yesterday to do the second part of Christmas then. Instead it was tonight. It's particularly appropriate since it's Epiphany today. It's the most decadent way of celebrating the Befana's arrival I've ever had! More presents! The highlight is something that looks like a cross between a watering can and a purse and it's blue. I'm fairly certain, although not absolutely convinced, it's actually meant to be a watercan, nice and transportable for people who move frequently, and not too heavy.

My parents, with wonderful consideration to my career, gave me my very own copy of Agricola's De Re Metallica. C. thinks that someday I should try reading it cover to cover and not simply use it as a handy reference book.

It seems fitting, given that this was my second Christmas, that it snowed a fair amount last night, 6-8 inches. Unfortunately, it all compressed quite nicely and the world was full of messy slipperiness. I slipped quite a bit but happily never actually fell. Unsurprisingly, although I saw snow in the Pennines shortly after Christmas, the day itself was above freezing and sporadically sunny.
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