S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Not at Ken's

If we'd been in Toronto tonight, we might have been at Ken Japanese Cuisine. That's where the Serial Diners are up to as they eat their way through the Toronto Yellow Pages, one week at a time.

Instead, we hosted a friend for dinner outside, looking upwards, wishfully, in the hopes of residual Perseids as our next door neighbor's lights ate into the first clear night in days. In contrast, our shadows were lit by candles. He's a usual at the Serial Diners, so we caught up on news of all so many people we so rarely see now that there's an ocean in the way. We talked of the high incidence of polar bear-caused death in Ontario, how Stephen Hawking died so many years ago, and the limited number of museums in London. The orange juice chicken was as good as I remembered it, the broccoli was nearly forgotten, and the truffles were unexpectedly uninteresting. When we ended, the Serial Diners would be just beginning, five hours behind us.

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