S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Leeds, briefly

We went to Leeds for the Bank Holiday weekend, where we went on countryside adventures with S & A, had a wonderful dinner and pub jaunt with strange_complex, and lunched with stephanieburgis and Mr. Darcy, a limited time opportunity since they will shortly be moving to Wales. S. made us pancakes for breakfast two days running, with a lovely, delicate maple syrup imported from Wisconsin.

Adventures: A good pub lunch, following by a few hours of countryside walking in and near East Witton, on the edge of the Dales. A visit to the best windmill yet, Skidby windmill, fully operational, friendly, good educational display, quality café, miller-on-duty, and rescue chickens. Beverley Minster was closed, as was St. Mary's, but we walked around the outsides. Nunburnholme is a small village whose "interesting 10th century cross" is no longer in its churchyard, but inside. We retrieved the key from the cottage across the way, and found it really was an interesting cross, put back together wrongly, with centurion/Viking, centaur, cruxifiction, and perhaps a St. David, among other characters.

I took lots of photos. Perhaps, some other day, I will post some of them.
Tags: travelogue
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