S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Sue on the Plinth

frostfox was on The Plinth this afternoon. Many loyal friends came to watch her. Others of us stayed at home, watching the loyal friends watch her on The Plinth.

Sue and Simon's Cat Sue and Simon's Cat
Photos screencapped from http://www.oneandother.co.uk/
Hello, audience! Hello, audience!
Onlookers Onlookers
Sue's replacement steps out Sue's replacement

For those of you not following the latest in UK art world news, the fourth sculpture plinth in Trafalgar Square has, for years, been featuring a rotating installation, every six months or so. Currently, Antony Gormley is showing off the people of Britain there, one person at a time. Each one has an hour up there, all webcast. The space is allocated by lottery.
Tags: london

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