S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Wood and water

We knew the outdoor faucet on the back of the house wasn't particularly good, but we didn't realize the magnitude of its awkwardness until yesterday. It seemed like a good idea to borrow the neighbor's power washer (he offered) to clean the patio before building the wood shed to house wood for the wood stove. We borrowed it. We had a hose, but it was a hose which could be pushed on top of the faucet, not screwed in. The rings had worn out long since; there really was no way to screw anything on to the tap. My sore muscles from yesterday don't come from helped to build the wood shed, nor from lugging all the wood through the house to it. No, they come from desperately trying to hold a hose onto a faucet to keep water flowing to the borrowed power washer.

Lessons learned: We need a new tap and a hose that can screw on to it. Power washing takes hours of works, not the minutes at a time we could give it with the physical limitations the situation required. Our neighbor is still really wonderfully helpful. 1.4 cubic meters of wood takes a fair amount of lugging to move around.

Houses are endlessly educational.
Tags: garden, house

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