S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Olive Oil

Is olive oil the new big thing in skin care products? I am, on the whole, completely oblivious to cosmetic and bath product trends, but I've noticed a number of new and heavily advertised olive oil based skin care and soap products lately. A friend gave me a bar of soap last year from her trip to Greece. Then I saw more soap in a local store. Then I noticed an advertisement for mango olive oil body butter in a Body Shop window. Then I received a pot of a mango-free version for Christmas. Is it coincidence or a trend of the moment?

While on the subject, Pliny, in book VII of his Natural History, notes that Aristaeus invented/discovered oil and oil mills, while we are indebted to Eumolpus of Athens for the invention/discovery of the growing of vines and trees. Hugh of St. Victor, on the other hand, specifies Minerva invented olive-growing.

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