S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Eurovision revisited

Just noticed H.D. Miller's sarky comments on the Eurovision song contest. Of course Eurovision is a bit of fluff, and a political love-in between competing nations. Or should I say, the nations permitted to take place in any given year, now that only the countries which received enough votes can go on to compete in next year's Eurovision and the countries which missed out on the votes drop out for a year. The broadcaster's confederation which runs the event has gotten too big now.

H.D. Miller mistakenly says this year's winning song is from a Latvian folk song. Does it look or sound remotely like one? I didn't think so. He says so himself the tune is a Latin one. The winning songstress, Maria Naumova, composed it. Whether or not you think it was a good song, it was definitely the best performance of this year's Eurovision, with its strip/male/female transformation sequence executed quite stylishly. No wonder it won.

It's a shame Denmark didn't receive more votes. I liked that song, even if I was cheering on Malta (second place) when it came to the votes.

There's something really wonderful about a competition revolving around 'greater Europe' and including Israel, Russia, ex-Russian countries, and Turkey as well. Very ecumenical.

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