S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

Red flags and green drinks

A local store acquired a distinctive sticker in its window in the last week. I did a double-take as I walked by, for there, on the sticker, on the local shop, was a Google red place-locating flag, the sort used on Google Maps when searching for locations. It was so strangely meta, a sticker derived from a virtual flag, advertising in reality its renown based on its pixel presence online.

For all I know, the stickers are common, but this was the first I've seen.

Speaking of geography, I pieced together more of Oxford yesterday. We went to visit double0hilly, meeting her, fresh from rowing, along the banks of the Isis. I'd always been to the Head of the River with other people and never put it into my mental map of the city until now. I also now know where Jericho is, Worcester College, All Soul's College, and a really poor cocktail lounge, among other places.

I've also learned how good a well-made Grasshopper is (but not at the poor cocktail lounge). There are a variety of chocolate liquors out there: any preferred ones among them you would recommend? This Grasshopper requires white chocolate liquor, but as I currently have no chocolate liquor at all, I would be happy to consider the merits of the whole range of them.
Tags: food, geography, oxford
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