S. Worthen (owlfish) wrote,
S. Worthen

A Big Day

Today is a big day in other peoples' lives, and to an astonishing degree. Well, I'm busy being astonished anyways. Technically, none of it actually happened to them today (well, Jennie might not have given birth but she DID become an aunt today), but close enough.

1) Today, Jennie is an Aunt. Her first niece Sidney was born at 6pm EST today. Jennie is a Toronto friend and went to see the Two Towers with a bunch of us this afternoon. She was the only one who hadn't already seen it. pittenweem and I followed her home and watched her light up with overwhelmedness, relief, and delight upon listening to her voicemail.

2) Heather is a friend from York. Today I learned that in the last week she's moved from England to Vancouver and started a LJ. We're now in the same country (no where near each other) and she's the first Brit friend whom I know of who is using LJ. (kashmera)

3) I know Beth from Smith. And her big news of the day is that she and her husband are seriously thinking/planning of opening a B&B! It'll be a few years and they're just at the planning stages, but it's amazing and good news. Anyways, I'm very fond off B&Bs and stay in them whenever possible. (littleowl)

Me? It's been a fairly happy and unproductive day with nothing significant whatsoever in it, unless you count killing off hundreds of leprachauns in a computer game and reaping large amounts of money from it in the process. And seeing the Two Towers for the second time. And C. make it home safely and on time from Newark. Actually though... I had a moment of disorientation when I discovered on the way home that my favorite local restaurant had moved, but happily only about a block further away.

Oh, and today it warmed up to around 40 degrees, half-melted, then slowly froze while snowing, and with a fast cold wind, and then the wind and the snow stopped and it just got colder and colder. As you might imagine, it was rather slippy out today.

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